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William Luo是一位经验丰富的房产中介,从事房地产行业以来,始终将优质的客户服务放在首位,辅以前瞻性的推广技巧,往往在客户需要服务之前就已经和建立了很好的联系并取得了他们的信任,所以当客户有需要的时候他已经就位并且随时可以投入工作。他喜欢这个行业,喜欢一起共事的同事,这一切都激发了他服务大众的激情,同时该行业也为他提供了一个绝佳的机会。

William主要代理各类居住房产(尤其是在建的期房),业务范围涵盖奥克兰南区和东区、Flat Bush地区以及Karaka和Takanini。他对房产市场非常了解,而且帮客户售出的房价常常高出客户的预期。










William Luo is an agent who keeps the principles of quality customer service at the forefront in his approach to real estate. His proactive techniques often make a connection and inspire trust from his clients before they need services, so that he's there and ready to begin when they do. His love of this industry and the people he works with provides the motivation and opportunity to change many lives for the better, including his own.

William works mainly with residential properties of any age (even the ones still under construction) located in South and East Auckland, Flat Bush areas, as well as Karaka and Takanini. He is tuned in to the real estate market and can often exceed customer expectations on their final selling price.

Honest and reliable, William is very accessible to his clients and will spend as much time with them as they need to feel comfortable. He immigrated to New Zealand at the age of 18, and will never forget his first view of this "beautiful, magical land." Now deeply rooted in the community with his wife and babies - Lona and Lucas - William never takes the incredible opportunity that is property ownership in New Zealand for granted. He also demonstrates incredible gratitude for the people who have helped him reach where he is today.

William is an effective agent because he is knowledgeable with a strong network of industry partners. He has a way with people, helping them feel comfortable and relaxed throughout their real estate transaction. He is a determined professional who works tirelessly to deliver great results for his clients.

With a deep love for New Zealand and its fascinating properties, William's clients can expect:

- A friendly and service-minded agent who is open and available to his clients.

- Relatable approach to his customers and the willingness to answer any question.

- Effective marketing packages that take advantage of new technology and reach the right buyers.

- A full understanding of the local market and commitment to ongoing education.

- Strength of character, honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

- A love of family and community that shows in his work.

William is an effective agent who knows and loves his business. He has a deep commitment to excellent service, and pursues profitable transactions for his clients with tenacity and ingenuity. William provides an all-inclusive service that offers helpful guidance before, during, and after a sale. Call him today for an agent who will go all out for you.

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