Yvenna Yue 岳岚
Yvenna Yue 岳岚
Monarch Real Estate Ltd (Licensed: REAA 2008) - Harcourts, Harcourts Hamilton Central City

岳岚自2016年步入房产领域,在这两年多的时间里以坐火箭的速度一直向前冲。入行第一年就获得了Harcourts年度璀璨新星奖,然后就一发不可收拾,2017进入Hamilton年度前十,到了2018 一跃步入Hamilton年度第二名,中部地区年度第三名,全国年度前二十和Harcourt是全球1前三十的傲人成绩。成功没有偶然的,精通三种语言的岳岚,一直秉承着客户至上的服务理念,终日以惊人的耐心和热忱的工作态度奔走于买家与卖家之间,对于她来说假日和周末形同虚设,只有在买卖成交时看到客户满意的笑脸才能让她得到无比的满足。成绩证明实力,买卖房产就找岳岚。Craig Annandale 作为岳岚的得力拍档是在2018年以原Lodge Hamilton第四名的傲人姿态C位加入到我们团队的。所谓英雄惜英雄,两人在经营理念和服务宗旨上不谋而合,又在个人风格和文化背景完美互补。Craig一直生活学习就业在Waikato地区,对于Hamilton的各个区域,社区了然于心,他为人亲切幽默深受客户喜爱。Craig的市场学背景使他在帮助客户策划买卖房屋时市场针对性强,准确把握买卖动态,达到最终令客户心满意足的结果。同时团队中还有买家专员Eric Chang 和Christine Toy分别专注华社与当地买家,以他们的专长与耐心为岳岚团队锦上添花。

For a genuinely friendly and professionally confident approach to your real estate needs, Yvenna is the person to see.Yvenna has a strong understanding of sales and marketing. Over 12 years she successfully built from the ground up two retail gift shops as well as two retail food outlets in the busiest shopping centres in Hamilton. This grass roots, ‘starting your own business’ experience gave Yvenna a great set of skills to serve her real estate clients well. She knows that getting on to things quickly when called upon and putting in the time to do it right is what success is all about. Yvenna’s real estate customers and clients therefore always get her full attention backed by hard work to make things happen.Originally from Shanghai in China, Yvenna moved to Hamilton to study at Waikato University (she is a Bachelor of Management Studies graduate) and soon fell in love with NZ, moving here permanently in 2000. She speaks fluent English and Chinese and with her Kiwi husband has raised two lovely kids in the beautiful Waikato. Yvenna has a genuine passion for people and communicates effortlessly with people from all walks of life. Having just sold her most recent business, and with the kids growing up fast she is now excited about her real estate career, putting her strong work ethic, friendliness and business know-how to good use. Yvenna will take the time to listen to your real estate wants and needs and would love to discuss these things with you. She knows that creating great relationships with people based on honesty and integrity is just as important in business as it is in every other part of life. Call or email Yvenna now if you’re thinking of selling, or are looking to buy your “home sweet home” or an investment property.
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