Sue Jiang 蒋舒
Sue Jiang 蒋舒
Sales Consultant
Cooper & Co Real Estate Ltd (Licensed: REAA 2008) - Harcourts, Harcourts Browns Bay

Sue Jiang拥有丰富的房产工作经验,她精力充沛,对工作充满激情,以客户的房产目标为己任,对她而言,客户的满意就是她最大的满足。

1996年,Sue Jiang从中国来到新西兰,曾经做过5年的会计,对数字的敏感使得她能够准确、敏锐地把握房产市场的走向,快速完成客户的房产目标,加上自己的执着和不断挑战的精神,Sue Jiang在房产销售上取得了巨大的成功,也得到了客户的一致认可,很多客户成为她的回头客并为她介绍业务。虽然取得成功,但她从未停止脚步。她仍然严格要求自己,努力工作,并为客户提供专业周到的服务。

Sue Jiang除了充满无穷的精力外,对工作也非常仔细,她会根据不同的需求为客户量身制定方案,并在整个销售或者买房的过程中实时向客户反馈相关进程,以诚实取得客户的信任是她对自己的严格要求。

Sue Jiang讲一口流利的英语和汉语,所以她能够和不同的客户进行高效的交流,丰富的协商技巧也可以将卖家和买家的需求达到一个最佳值,并促成交易成功。

如果你需要一个值得信赖的房产中介,Sue Jiang将是你的绝佳人选!你正好需要,我正好专业!欢迎随时来电,Sue Jiang期待与您合作!

Always on the go, Sue Jiang is a human dynamo, dedicated to achievingoutstanding results for her clients. “My true passion in life is to see people happy at the successful conclusion of their property transaction,” she says.

Sue’s previous business experience has equipped her well with crucial customer service skills. Prior to arriving in New Zealand from China in 1996, Sue was an accountant for five years.

Such is her commitment and focus, she has found rapid success in her real estate business. Glowing referrals come her way as she does not simply sit back and wait for the sale to happen. She works hard. If there is a problem, she is open about it. The more information a buyer has on the property the better.

Sue is well prepared, and throughout the sales process offers honest feedback to engender confidence and trust. As a great negotiator she makes sure sellers and buyers get the results they are after. Fluent in English & Mandarin, Sue works well with many clients across all cultures. That’s why she is already one of the top performers at Harcourts.

For one of the hardest working, most reliable agents you’ll ever meet…….call Sue.

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