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截止2020年3月底 Mt Roskill区域分行销售冠军

2017-2019年度 Mt Roskill区域分行销售冠军

2012&2014年 New Lynn区域分行销售冠军

2011-2016年度 Barfoot & Thompson销售前25强

截止2020年3月底 全国销售团队第8名

截止2020年3月底 奥克兰中区销售团队第2名

截止2019年9月底的半年里 奥克兰中区销售团队第1名

截止2019年3月底 奥克兰中区销售团队第3名

2018年 奥克兰中部地区销售团队第2名

截止2017年9月底的半年里 奥克兰中区销售团队第2名

2019年 奥克兰中部地区销售团队第3名

2016年 奥克兰西区销售团队第3名

2018年 Barfoot & Thompson销售团队第10名

Alex Wu拥有丰富的房地产销售经验,能力突出,十分敬业,为客户带来最满意的结果是他始终恪守的宗旨。他总是以高标准严格要求自己,在整个销售过程中为客户提供真实透明的反馈。他善于调整谈判技巧,使得利益攸关方都获得积极的结果。

Alex在New Lynn分公司的前经理是这样评价他的: “Alex对房地产总是充满热情和激情,同时非常谦逊。当其他人讨论怎么做才能成功时,他早已去付诸行动了。和这个年轻人在一起你会被他的活力感染。他十分关心自己的客户,以及他能为他们做什么。他的个性和笑容充满感染力,这就是为什么他能获得如此多的客户资源。”

Alex Wu 阿健在投身房地产销售行业的第二年, 他的业绩已经达到所在分公司的第二名。在他的不懈努力下,第三年他便进入了Barfoot & Thompson全公司销售人员Top 25。2012年他一举夺得分行区域销售第一,同年他也受邀在Barfoot & Thompson全公司年度大会上分享他的成功和经验。

Alex总是思考如何能为客户做得更好。他拥有自己的网站来为客户推广房产。同时,他积极投身华人社区,每周在电视台和广播(TV Channel 28和Radio AM936)主持长达一小时的大型房地产节目“谈房说地”积极为新西兰的华人朋友分享最新的房地产资讯。




如果你需要一个诚实可靠的房产中介,Alex Wu将是你的最佳人员!现在就拿起电话联系他吧!

Top Salesperson, Mt Roskill Branch, to end March 2020Top Salesperson, Mt Roskill Branch, 2017, 2018, 2019Top Salesperson, New Lynn Branch, 2012, 2014Top 25 Salesperson, Barfoot & Thompson, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016#8 Sales Team Overall, to end March 2020#2 Sales Team, Central Auckland Region, to end March 2020#1 Sales Team, Central Auckland Region, 6 months ending September 2019#3 Sales Team, Central Auckland Region, to end March 2019#2 Sales Team, Central Auckland Region, 2018#2 Sales Team, Central Auckland Region, 6 months ending September 2017#3 Sales Team, Central Auckland Region, 2019#3 Sales Team, West Auckland Region, 2016#10 Sales Team, Barfoot & Thompson, 2018

Alex Wu is a highly dedicated professional who brings many invaluable skills to his real estate sales career, but cites 'his drive to get the best results for his clients' as the key to his success. Alex conducts all of his dealings with high ethical standards, providing honest and transparent feedback throughout the entire sales process. He complements this with finely tuned negotiation skills which results in a positive outcome for all parties involved.Here is a tribute from his previous manager at New Lynn:"He is always enthusiastic and excited about real estate, yet extremely humble. While others are talking about what's needed to be done to be successful, he is out there doing it. Spending time with this young man you get a sense of his energy. He's all about the client and what he can do for them. His personality and smile is infectious, no wonder he has acquired so many clients".By the second year after first joining real estate, Alex was recognized as No.2 in his office, and his hard work paid off as in his third year, he was acknowledged as one of the Top 25 Salespersons in the whole of Barfoot & Thompson, and in 2012 he became No.1 in his branch. Alex was also given the opportunity to share his vast knowledge, experience and success when asked to contribute as a panelist speaker for our 2012 Barfoot & Thompson Annual Convention.Alex always thinks outside the square about what he can do better for his clients. He has his own website to promote client listings. Alex also gives huge commitment to the Chinese community by hosting an hour long television and radio programme each week (TV Channel 28 and Radio AM936) by sharing latest real estate tips, updates and his newest listings with the audience.Alex's ability to speak fluent English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghainese not only helps him to create a stronger network, but also enables him to successfully navigate the different cultural divides and relate to people by speaking in the language they feel most comfortable with.Alex's experience in operating his own business before becoming a real estate salesperson has provided him with a number of invaluable skills. With his investment property that he himself has renovated, Alex understands the pleasures and rewards that owning and refurbishing property can bring. He is also able to provide trusted advice to clients on maximising the value of their property."If I can help you with any aspect of real estate, whether you're buying, selling or investing, please feel free to seek my advice. It costs you nothing to call me for a chat and it really is my pleasure to share with you my knowledge and experience," says Alex.Contact Alex today for an experience that you won't forget.

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