189 Hobson Street, Auckland Central, Auckland

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Auckland Central 2房 7% ROI - Cash Money!
  • "<p>With the best high yielding savings accounts currently offering 5% per annum, here's an opportunity to land an asset that will net you 40% more return on your investment at the end of each year after having paid your BC & Rates.<\/p><p><\/p><p>That's an additional 40% more in your pocket each year <\/p><p><\/p><p>Still not convinced? Did I mention the 20%+ proven captial gain that you can expect to experience in the coming years once the inflation genie has been put back in it's bottle?<\/p><p><\/p><p>hese are quite frankly no brainer purchases right now. If you're looking for an investment, you'll struggle to find something that stacks up better than this over the next 3-5 years.<\/p><p><\/p><p>Stanford has long been a staple in the portfolio of any Auckland property investor. The 2 bedrooms means rent capitalisation is maximised and the smaller footprint means you're talking a very attractive price tag to secure it. Add to that the pull back in values we've seen over the past 15 months or so and these rental powerhouses ready to skyrocket.<\/p><p><\/p><p>Built by the well-renowned tried and tested Conrad development group known for their no nonsense investment apartments, investing in Harvard is like betting on the All Blacks, you know your money is safe.<\/p><p><\/p><p>Note: Photos used are of a similar unit in the same complex, some furniture and the outlook may be different. See chattels list for details. The chattels in the photos may vary from what is being sold, please check the chattels list if this is important to you.<\/p>"
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